Philosophy of Vishishtadvaita

Vishishtadvaita is a combination of two words. Vishishta meaning Special & Advaita meaning non-dual. Ramanujacharya is considered the proponent of this system of philosophy. Basically, the entire matter in universe can be segregated as Chit+achit+Isvara. Chit meaning living being, achit meaning non-living beings and Iswara meaning the creator of both living and non-living matter. The… Continue reading Philosophy of Vishishtadvaita

Velukkudi Krishnan

My mom used to listen to swamy’s lectures during Marghahi (December) month on Podhigai television channel and due to the advertisement that followed, she used to take to listen to the lectures. That is how I got addicted to listening his lectures. I am a travel bug. So when swamy announced the very first Sri… Continue reading Velukkudi Krishnan