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Who is Embar?

2015-Jan-04 @ 07:12, Category, Embar, Comments

Embar is a shorter form of Emperumanar, a honorary title, bestowed by the twelfth century saint Bhagavad Ramanujacharya, upon one Govinda. Ramanuja and Govinda were cousin brothers (sons of two sisters, and Ramanuja had bestowed the title of Emberumanar on Govinda. However, Govinda refused to be honoured with this title, as the title of Emberumanar was bestowed on Ramanuja himself by his teacher. So Ramanuja shortened the title Emberumanar to Embar. The meaning of the title Embar means "my - resting place". So the title of Embar was carried forwards by the family members of Govinda, who is one the 72 Peetadhipathis established by Ramanuja. Embar is also considered to be direct successor of Ramanujacharya by the believers of Oran Vazhi Sampradayam (or single teacher-single disciple system). After Ramanuja was succeeded by Embar, Embar was succeeded by Parashara Bhattar, who was the son of Koorathalzhwan. Hence, in the vazhi thirunamam of Embar, the line of the Tamil verse goes : Bhattar thozhum Embar porpadam irandum vazhiye (meaning :long live the golden feet of Embar which was worshipped by Parashara Bhattar).


Birth of Embar

2015-01-05 @ 06:01, Category, Embar, Comments

Birthplace of Embar is in Madura Mangalam in Kanchipuram District. Embar was born as Govinda to parents Kamalanayana Bhattar and Periyapiratti (2026 AD marks the 1000th birth anniversary of Embar). Embar is said to be born as an amsham of Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Mahavishnu. It is this aspect which is highlighted in Maduramangalam temple on every Thai-poosam day by enactment of nadai through musical sounds resembling a snake charmer, when Embar approaches the sannidhi of Manavala Mamuni (Jeeyar is believed to be a reincarnation of Swamy Ramanuja, both of whom are amsham of Serpent God Adishesha, who acts as umbrella, chair-simhasanam and bed of Lord Srimannarayana.)

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Embar Stotram

2015-01-05 @ 06:21, Category, Embar, Comments

The thanian in favour of Embar goes
Ramanuja Padachhaya Govindahvana Payinee
Tadayatta Svarupasa Jeeyaan Math Vishrama Sthalee

I am gonna highlight only the first two words and last two words in the above verse.
Ramanuja Padacchaya: it is known that Embar was like a shadow of Ramanuja. Both being maternal cousins, Ramanuja and Govinda grew up together. Though Embar was born 9 years after Ramanuja (1017 AD), they still were classmates at the school of Yadavaprakashar. There are numerous instances where Embar acted as though he and Ramanuja were two bodies but one mind. Be it the instance of highlighting of "Appoochi Kattudhal" instance before the Arayar or be it the instance where Embar reminds about the thought process of Ramanuja regarding divyaprabhandhams. There was no place that Ramanuja went without Embar following. Thus was the relationship between two devotees of Lord Vishnu.
Math Vishrama Sthalee: Resting Place for my soul. A guru or preceptor is a person who takes burdens of desciples and tries to mitigate the suffering of shishyas. Hence the phrase my resting place, which is also the inner meaning of Embar. Em in Tamil means 'my' and "par" means place.

Tirunakshatra Tanian
Pushye Punarvasu Dine Jaatham Govinda Deshikam
Ramanuja Padambhojah Rajahamsam Samashraye

Tirunakshatra in Tamil means birthday. Embar was born in the Sanskrit month of Pushya or Tamil month of Thai under the star Punarvasu (Tamil-Punarpoosam). The above verse says that Govinda who was the devotee of Ramanuja, was born in the solar month Capricorn (January 15th to February 14th) under the star Punarvasu, which was also the birth star of Sri Rama as well as Kulashekhara Alwar.


Forthcoming Birthday Celebrations

2018-01-05 @ 08:11, Category, Embar, Comments

Embar's tirunakshatram falls on January 30, 2018 (Tuesday). Archarya Embar Sheshadri performs the tirunakshatram with tadiyaradhanam at the J.P.Nagar Srinivasa temple. A booklet will be distributed to public containing Embar Stotram and Vazhi tirunamams in Kannada, Tamil and English. All are welcome to chant the kattiyams during the holy bath to Embar's figurine.


Samashrayanams by Acharya Embar Sheshadri

2018-01-08 @ 07:56, Category, Embar, Comments

Embar Sheshadri has performed samashrayanam (pancha sanskaram) to many people (including the author). Author's father Embar Ramaswamy attained Vaikuntam (passed away) on June 11, 2002 and before the first death anniversary, the author had to get pancha samskaram so as to be able to take sree pada theertham. Hence, Embar Sheshadri (younger brother of author's father i.e., uncle of the author)took up the pancha samskaram event and became our Acharya in 2003.